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Developing a quality member business lending (MBL) or commercial loan department can be a daunting task for any executive team. Although business lending can generate increased annual profits, help a local community grow and thrive, and diversify the overall loan portfolio, generally, commercial loans are larger and more complex than personal loans, mortgages, and auto loans.  Commercial lending also has the potential to exhaust resources and pose larger risks to the institution. Understanding how to mitigate those risks up front and employing experienced business lenders to lead the department is a recipe for success in the commercial lending arena.

Element 22 provides this for you. Principals Kenny Leonard, Ryan Reffitt and their staff bring over 30 years of commercial banking experience to your financial institution. They have started several different commercial lending departments at various institutions and understand the value of keeping portfolios safe and sound, diversified, and growing the right way. Their goal is to assist your institution to grow your commercial loan portfolio based on the uniqueness of your institutions and its strategic risk profile and preferences. They deliver a personal touch for your Executive and Management team to carefully understand the strengths and opportunities of the institution and how to mitigate those risks through policy and procedure implementation as well as utilizing Element 22 Commercial Group to assist with the regulatory burdens of an MBL or commercial loan department. This is the same level of service your members and clients have come to expect and Kenny and Ryan focus on delivering that same level of service to your institution.

With a focus on income generation and risk mitigation, they mold their recommendations to your institution’s risk parameters and work hand-in-hand with you to build something great. While some third-party vendors believe in providing a stock loan policy to all clients, Element 22 believes every financial institution is different for a reason and customizes risk profiles and strategies for their specific needs. Their experience, turnaround time and customizable plans are what set them apart in the industry.

Element 22 strives to create mutually beneficial relationships between the financial institution, commercial lenders and potential and current business owners. Bridging the financial gap with the experience of industry experts for your financial institution, members and clients to all grow and prosper.

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