Connecting Businesses with Financial Institutions

Running a business can be daunting. Whether you are budgeting for the future, dealing with HR issues or putting out the proverbial fire on a daily basis your life as “the boss” is stressful.  Finding the right lender to grow your business shouldn’t be!

Element 22 Commercial Group can take that burden off your plate.  Principals Kenny Leonard and Ryan Reffitt provide their 30+ years of commercial lending knowledge and a large network of SBA, USDA and conventional financial partners to find you the perfect fit when it comes to funding your business. They make your small business dreams come to fruition with a concierge service to smooth out the process.

Element 22 wants to help you tell your story, the way you want it to be told. They work to understand what makes the business tick so they can convey that story to the right lenders or the SBA, often with a personal phone call to their extensive network of connections. They look to avoid the immediate “no” that can sometimes happen when a business owner heads into a financial institution looking to acquire the funding they need to make their business a reality or grow.

The paperwork and meetings with lenders required to obtain the funding necessary for a business can often impede a proprietor and management’s schedule and precious time. There are often multiple meetings, a lengthy list of potential lenders and extensive amounts of information that must be submitted via forms, both electronic and paper. While the business owners are spending time on that, they’re losing valuable time that could be dedicated to further growing their venture. By personally introducing the loan to the financial institution Element 22 increases the likelihood of them pursuing the opportunity, understanding your business, and helping it grow.

Whether it’s getting your business off the ground, reinvigorating your cash flow, the need for an SBA loan or USDA, working capital, or adding that next location, Element 22 will be available after their initial consultation and assistance.

Kenny and Ryan offer long term strategy discussions, refinancing guidance, profit/loss insights and many more tools that keep your business thriving. Your business success is always their end goal.

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